Smashing The Stereotype

Anyone who has met me, even briefly, will openly tell you that I am the worlds biggest goody two shoes. I like to follow the rules, even the unwritten ones. But when it comes to stereotypes I never have been one to conform to what society wants of me.

Okay, so some stereotypes suit me to a T! I’m a woman and I can’t park a car or read a map…But for the most part I am not at all what you would expect of me. I continue to surprise everyone in my life simply by being me! And I continue to surprise strangers with my holiday habits…

Everyone following this blog will be perfectly accustomed to the fact that I am a cruise addict, they may even be one too! But here is where the surprise comes in, I am not a rarity. Until I started this blog I was convinced that the only young British cruise addict I would ever meet was my best friend. I knew that in the States it was normal for young people to cruise. But on my tiny island I seemed to be pretty much alone. Boy was I wrong!

After I started this blog, I discovered that there were a whole host of young Brits out there trying to beat the stereotype that cruising was only for – the newlywed and the nearly dead! My favourites are detailed below:

Emma – If you enjoy my content then its a pretty safe bet that you will enjoy Emma’s too. Since the first time she read my blog her comment was: Hi northern version of me! She is basically just me but a southern softie. Click this to read!

Sanna – This girl is a gem! She took me under her wing and introduced me to everyone else in my niche; people always talk about how supportive the blogging community is and when I waltzed in Sanna proved to be the embodiment of that. Click this to read!

Ben & David – The Honest Cruising boys run a blog and a YouTube channel because they are simply more swanky than the rest of us. But seriously they’re hilarious! They have me in fits of laughter every week. Click this to read!

I like to think that we are a little dream team, taking on the world, converting young people to cruising one by one. We tag team in smashing the stereotypes that surround ship life! Well this week I have been tagged, stepping up to centre stage, I have partnered with Ocean World Travel for the second time to bust some of the myths that shroud cruising in everyday society.

Click this to read my second collaboration with this fabulous company! I guarantee that by the time you have finished you will have a whole new view on life at sea.

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