What’s in my carry on?

There are thousands if not millions of video’s titled this floating around YouTube. It may be because we’re all intrinsically nosey creatures or it may be because we’re genuinely looking for anyway to make travel more comfortable. Because while it may be romanticised, the actual act of getting to your destination, while exciting, can be super boring and uncomfortable.

I understand the need for comfort. I do. But my main thought when seeing other posts of a similar nature is that: The whole world are over packers! From this you will see that I am a practical packer. I do not indulge in blankets or pillows because at the end of the day whatever you pack you’re going to have to lug around.

What do I use as a carry on? Always a backpack! Generally speaking at home I have a designer satchel hanging off my shoulder. But backpacks not only make it easier to drag a suitcase; they also stop you assaulting people! Seriously, plane aisles are narrow and if you wear a satchel and you’re as clumsy as me, then you’re going to hit every person you walk past.

Front pocket

  • Travel Wallet: For the endless documentation involved
  • Headphones
  • A pen: For customs forms & health declarations
  • My phone: I normally keep this in my pocket but when I’m tackling security it needs a temporary home

Main pocket

  • Books: Two minimum
  • Travel Journal
  • Adult colouring book
  • Coloured pencils
  • Phone charger
  • A roll of tape: For stray luggage tags
  • A hairbrush
  • A bobble (I think this is only said where I am from…translation: hair elastic)
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel sized suntan cream
  • Sweets/gum: To stop my ears popping during take off
  • Snacks: Plane food is vile! and even if I’m not flying the cruise port is about 5 hours away

Question: What is your must have when packing your carry on?