Why do I cruise?

Everyone in my life knows that I am a cruise addict but few understand why…In fact, I think to most people my obsession is positively perplexing. So here is the simple answer – I have an problem…It is called: Obsessive Cruise Disorder. I think about ship life every hour of every day. I should really go to some sort of rehab. But here’s the thing, I don’t want to! I celebrate my love for all things nautical. Even if sometimes it reduces me to sitting in a wardrobe, rocking back and forth chanting: I’m on a cruise, I’m on a cruise (Kidding, kidding, that’s just a joke my first ever Cruise Director made on how to conquer post-cruise depression)

Seriously though my obsession rules the major part of my life – My room has a nautical theme, I wear a lot of stripes and navy is my neutral. With that in mind I watch cruise themed TV obsessively. If you can’t be on a ship then you should at least be able to drool over one, right? About a month ago whilst watching ITV’s The Cruise I sarcastically tweeted that Princess Cruise Line should give me prize because I’m a platinum Captain’s Circle member at just 22. It was a joke, of course, inspired by the episode where they acknowledge the most travelled passenger of that voyage. (I always marvel at those people! On my last cruise there was a woman who had over 1,000 days at sea. Talk about living the dream!)

Princess themselves had no time for my sass. But my tweet did capture the attention of a specialist cruise company based in Southampton called: Ocean World Travel. Their Marketing Assistant got in touch with me to ask whether I would be interested in writing a guest blog for them. They wanted to get more young people into cruising and I was to act as their inspiration. I was honoured by the opportunity to blog for a professional company and naturally leapt at the idea.

If I am completely honest, then I owe the birth of this blog to them. I had always intended to start a travel blog; I had camera roll full of pictures that I vividly imagined blogging someday. But that was the problem it was always someday! I just never got round to it. Ocean World Travel asking me to guest blog for them ignited a spark in me. I soon found out that I really like the whole blogging thing and now I spend an awful lot of time in my small corner of the internet.

Not only was I tasked with converting young people to cruise adventures – Ocean World Travel were also curious as to why I had a ship addiction. So if you want to be converted or if you’re simply interested in my addiction then head over there and give that post a read. I’m a little proud of it if I’m honest.

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Also, if you are an avid cruiser make sure to check out their cruise deals while you’re over there. They have some unbelievable bargains! We recently booked a two week cruise around the Mediterranean that was less than £2,000 for 3 people!!