My Cruise Wardrobe

How many of you have ever dreamed of cruising and then been completely put off by the dress code? Or how many of you are simply curious about how I get away with my shorts?

As a young cruiser, one of the main questions people ask me is whether it is awfully stuffy. The simple answer to that is, no. Most cruise lines have a manifesto that is along the lines of you having your dream vacation. So if you dream of wearing a tux and feeling all the grandeur of the golden age of cruising then feel free. But if you are from somewhere cold like me and you simply dream of shorts, then that’s fine too.

Cruise line dress codes are something that an awful lot of people are curious about. Even if you are not a first timer – Then you may find yourself struggling to understand the dress code of a line you have never sailed with before. Which is exactly why I decided to put this post together! This is an example of my cruise wardrobe. For reference I was sailing a 14 night meditterean adventurer aboard Princess Cruises (aka my home) and there were three formal nights. But I did not observe them all because I was born with a rebellious soul. All good things are wild and free!

If you want to know where any of the items above are from then just ask me in the comments! I did originally write the details in the photo captions but was not fond of the aesthetic it created. What is your cruise wardrobe like: Do you like to dress up or are you more casual like me?

    1. I would do horrible at the Cunard thing! I would hide in my cabin and emerge after all the oap’s had gone to bed. So that I could run riot through the ship 😉

        1. Ì certainly don’t do ballgown as in floor length! I might be persuaded into a cocktail dress occasionally but that’s as far as it will ever go 😛

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