The Story Behind My Blog Name

“We are who we are for a lot of reasons and maybe we’ll never know most of them” 

That being said this isn’t philosophy or some deep insight into my soul. We may never know why we have our exact personalities. But we do all know the exact reasoning behind our blog names/titles! And this is the story of mine…

My blog was born in the office that I volunteer in every Tuesday. Who consequentially are also the people who taught me to blog. I’d spent months screaming at the charities WordPress before I ever had to scream at my own.

They helped me whittle down the string of travel and nautical catchphrases that had spewed from my excited little mind. I’m a very excitable person! And the thought of this new venture virtually had me bouncing off the walls. However I can also be the most indecisive person in the world, so I am glad they were around to help.

Over lunch we sat around the list and basically threw out all the long blog names. Things simply market better if they are short and snappy, they are just more memorable! Although Emma does seem to be the exception to this…I think Emma is a witch though and therefore her wild success can be discounted.

Collectively the occupants of the inconsequential lunch table were in favour of two options; one of which is now my blog name and the other was ‘Born on Deck’ – Which probably stemmed from the fact that I had been watching an awful lot of Below Deck. I’m an absolute sucker for trash TV and I am not ashamed to admit it. Although thinking about it Below Deck is probably where I got my yacht obsession…

Anyway ‘Born on Deck’ was thrown in the bin for two reasons: firstly, because it had no actual reasoning behind it other than it sounded good and secondly, because I was not ‘Born on Deck’. The first time I cruised I was already at the grand old age of 19! Before that the only experience I had at sea came from a ferry.

Thus ‘Lost Ashore’ was born! Everyone generally assumes that my blog name revolves around the premise that: I am so enamoured by the sea that I simply feel lost when I am on land. Whilst, that is true it is not the exact reason! The cold hard truth is that it is because I spend an awful lot of time lost.

I have no sense of direction and in an ironic life twist, nobody else in my life has a good sense of direction either. I can’t say I noticed all that much growing up; the only indication was that Dad always took the ‘scenic route’ but as far as I know everyone’s Dad does that. Our inability to navigate became obvious once we started to cruise. We got lost literally every time we went ashore!

Its a trend that we have never quite managed to break. So if you ever need to find me in a foreign country, then you will find me in one of these situations: hiking up a hill that does in fact have a lift, walking miles in the wrong direction in the thirty degree heat, attempting to ask people for directions when they do not speak our language and ever so occasionally being escorted to the beach by a Spanish police officer with a gun…

The fact that I am literally ‘Lost Ashore’ in every destination has certainly got me into some weird and wonderful situations. But alas if you thought my blog name was creative it is not. It is exactly what it says on the tin! Despite the fact that most of the year I am unfortunately on land, I also find myself constantly lost on land. Just a quirky travel blogger who is forever ‘Lost Ashore’.

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