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This isn’t about the types of traveller that immediately come to mind – It’s not about if you’re into budget or high class living. After all, I think it is pretty well established fact here that I am a massive snob! Nope this is about whether you are a spontaneous go with the flow kind of person or whether you are a planner. I am quite firmly the later.

Yes, I am a planner and I am not at all ashamed. You see I am not just a planner in relation to travelling; I am a planner in life. In particular, that has always been my role amongst my friends. Growing up I was the mastermind behind their social calendar. And even now that we don’t all live in the same city, they will text: Vic, I am coming home on this date can you plan something. It is a role I have often found annoying but one that I have never relinquished over the years. For the simple reason that I am a control freak.

Now, I must put a disclaimer here that I am not as bad as some people. I once heard a fellow cruise passenger profess that she highlights the things she wants to do in the daily schedule. That is just a step too far for me…It’s a holiday not a revision timetable. I certainly don’t have my travel companions running around to a set timetable of events. And I take changes of plan gracefully most of the time. But I am definitely a researcher! I will sit on the internet for hours hunting out all the cool places to go. Building up a rough itinerary that I find really flipping exciting.

Luckily for me, everyone I travel with fits into the go with the flow category. They either trust my crazy plans or they simply let me have my way because it’s cute how excited I am. Either way I am grateful for their laid back approach to new adventures.

With my Little Miss Planner/Researcher attitude in mind – I thought I would share with you my plans for an upcoming trip to Malta. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I went in April for my birthday and it was quite the disaster (you can read about it here) So we are going for a do-over. Touch wood, we have managed to avoid the Ryanair debacle and we are going to the beautiful Hilton that rescued us the last time.

My childhood best friend is going to be my adventure buddy and I am so excited for us to make memories together. So here is a rough plan of how I am going to drag her across the island:


This is my Bestie! You’ll see a lot of her in upcoming posts

Friday: We don’t land till after 2pm! But I am hoping to make it to Valletta for 4pm to see the saluting battery which is something I never managed to do last time. Then meandering through the streets of Valletta and finding a cute place to eat.

Saturday: A morning in Medina the silent city, I visited the last time and fell head over heels for this charming city and I know my best friend will too. Maybe Valletta again if my best friend wants to spend more time there in daylight. An afternoon in the three cities, these were on my list last time but when Malta says it is shut on a Sunday it means everything. Then Birgu Fest on the evening – Malta is big on festivals and this one to celebrate history see’s all the electricity shut off and the whole city bathed in the glow of candles. Pictures of it look beautiful, just not sure how well I will handle it since I have a fire phobia.

Sunday: Boat trip to Gozo and Comino. Followed by late afternoon pool and relaxation time in our beautiful five star resort.

I am looking for restaurant recommendations, tour company recommendations and advice about travel cards. So if you have any advice pop it in the comments below! Just for reference we will be based out of St Julian’s.

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  2. I love love love anything to do with travel! And its difficult for me to say which type i am because i think i constantly switch between the two. I think its great that you have a plan and also someone that you are good friends with!! I hope you have heaps of fun and I look forward to your updates once you have been and explored xo

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