Little Things

A lot of people think that travel is about the big things – They think it’s about how tropical their destination is, how swanky their hotel is and how many pictures are Instagram goals. And while I love a luxury hotel as much as the next person, that isn’t what travel is about. Not really.


Travel is all about the little things:

It’s about…Your Mum and your best friend almost getting on the wrong plane. Then it becoming a running joke that they would rather be on a flight to Benidorm anyway.

It’s about…The moment you step off the plane and heat smacks you in the face.

It’s about…Crazy taxi drivers that make you both fear for your life or laugh hysterically, depending on the day.

It’s about…Funny conversations with the locals.

It’s about…How many ice creams you can eat because calories don’t count on holiday.

It’s about…Late night conversations with your best friend (Even though you’re full of cold and sound like Stephen Hawking)

It’s about…Balcony breakfasts in the sun with a stunning marina view.

It’s about…Numerous bus trips, during most of which you realise should anything go wrong you have exactly no idea where you are.

It’s about…Being a stranger in a place that is someone else’s home.

It’s about…Snapping surprise shots of your bestie. Not because you want to Instagram it, not because you care how many likes it gets. Just  because you love her and you want to remember this moment.

It’s about…Your dorky bestie taking you to places they filmed Game of Thrones. So in return you make her satisfy your inner dork and look at boats.

It’s about…Challenging your fears, in a plan that seemed great but in reality was not. Candlelight festival I’m looking at you.

It’s about…Sailing across the med as you have sun bed chats with your best friend of over a decade.

It’s about…Covering as much square footage as possible in a weekend, including the surrounding islands.

It’s about…Your best friend going for a swim with your Dad like it’s perfectly normal because she become family years ago.

It’s about…Climbing everything high because you’re both total suckers for a good view.

It’s about…Getting back to the hotel after a day trip and laughing at the state of each others tan lines.

It’s about…Her laughing at me for tidying up the hotel room.

It’s about…Late night hot tub sessions in fancy Hilton robes, putting the world to rights while surrounded by bubbles.

It’s about…Planning next adventures because we’re so desperate not to leave.

It’s about…Your Mum telling you that your best friend is her favourite; while your bestie sleeps in the seat next to you.

It’s about…Your Mum and your bestie planning how much greggs she can eat to make her feel better about going home.

It’s about…Putting your bestie on an airport bus home and realising ten minutes later that you already miss her…

Most people think that travel is some grand, expensive thing. I understand, that is not something everyone gets to experience, I understand that it is a luxury. But the things that people idolise about it are not the things that are important. Travel is about switching off; about having quality time with those around you. Letting all those little moments that made you smile fill you up, to keep you going on grumpy days. Building memories with the people you love.

I’m so glad I’ve got more adventures planned with my favourite people. There are so many more little things to be loved and appreciated. Remember guys – It’s not about where you’re going it’s about who you have beside you.

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