What I am most excited for on Royal Caribbean

I have not been the best blogger lately…Sorry about my absence, I became management at work and the juggle has been a real struggle. But even when I am super busy I always have cruising on the brain! And last month I booked  a birthday adventure (We can only hope it goes better than last years…You can read all about that disaster here) this years birthday adventure is on a cruise line I have been dying to try, yeah, you guessed it I am finally going on Royal Caribbean!

Their mega ships have always sang to me like a sirens song – I very much consider myself a big ship kinda girl, I can never fathom why people go after small and intimate, to me mega ships are the dream! Previously, the biggest ship I have been on is the Norwegian Epic and believe me she is no small delicate flower. But the Royal Caribbean ship I have booked makes her look like a wee baby. I am setting sail on what used to be the biggest ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas and I am so excited that I genuinely think I might explode.

I will be on Oasis for 7 nights sailing a Western Caribbean adventure and I am so excited to feel the sun on my skin! I am in desperate need of an escape from all this snow the UK has been experiencing. If I hear the word storm on the news one more time I think I may scream. But the weather is only one thing in a long list of things I am excited for. So this post is going to be – Everything I am excited to experience on my first Royal Caribbean adventure.

The entertainment

So I have always heard from other cruisers that Royal Caribbeans entertainment is the best in the industry. When I went online to book my shows I finally understood what they were talking about. The line up of night time shows we have booked is the best I have ever seen on a ship! An ice show, an aquatics show, a production show, comedians and a full length West End show! Now that last one is a rarity they normally shorten them for ship audiences. I have booked: Oasis of Dreams, Come Fly With Me, Cats and The Ice Show – If you have seen any of these make sure you pop me a comment below and tell me if they were as fun as they seem.

The technology

Okay, so I am too wimpy to experience some of the technology like the flow-rider. But I am definitely tempted to try that zip line! Not to mention how fascinated I am by the Rising Tide Bar and Central Park. A bar that functions like a ride and thousands of living plants on-board a cruise ship. Now that is why people refer to Royal Caribbean having the Royal Wow.

The Space

I am used to fairly big ships, after all, I am not new to cruising. But the space on Oasis actually blows my mind. I am completely in love with the neighborhoods concept. You can bet I am going to stroll through central park, eat ice-cream on the Boardwalk and happy dance my way down the Royal Promenade. The idea that one ship can have so many distinct personalities is revolutionary! It convinces me daily that I am going to fall in love with Royal Caribbean.

The food

While we are on the subject of ice-cream lets discuss food – First up liquid food, we purchased this cruise while Royal Caribbean were offering free drinks packages so I cannot wait to try every frozen cocktail whilst basking in the heat of the Caribbean sun. I say basking like I am a tanned goddess, really I mean burning like the pale northern girl I am but hey I can dream right. Not to mention that I recently watched a documentary on how Oasis prepares lobsters for formal night and now I dream of lobster. I want it all! Lobster on formal night, Johnny Rockets on the Boardwalk, Ice Cream and aft views, late night pizza from Sorrento’s and lots of cake from cafe promenade. I am sure I am going to come back and not fit into my work costume – I bet some people have read this paragraph like Vic its not normal to be so enamored with cruise ship food. But ship addicts will truly understand.

The itinerary

I lust after the Caribbean the same way Americans lust after Europe. This voyage will allow me to sail to Mexico and Jamaica; plus it will allow me to go to Royal Caribbean’s private island! Which makes me super happy because one of my goals is to go to every cruise lines private island. Fun fact for you I set that goal after I fell head over heels with Great Stirrup Cay which is Norwegians private island that I went to on my very first cruise.

Have you got any advice on Royal Caribbean?

If you have any tips specifically for Oasis or just any tips for Royal Caribbean make sure to tell me them! Extra information only serves to make me more excited.

  1. I haven’t been on Oasis but jumped at the chance of booking Harmony when she sailed from Southampton. I am so glad I booked an Oasis-class ship, if only to tick such a giant vessel off my wish list. Ongoing construction aside, I have mixed feelings on the Oasis-class ships. Undeniably, they have so much to see and do, and that’s where I feel their strength lies. And when it all gets too much, Central Park is such a peaceful, tranquil space.

    For me, the restaurants and eating spaces felt overcrowded, with too many seats crammed into such tiny spaces. Windjammer was the worst for this, although there’s plenty of space around the food stations so that’s a plus. Surprisingly, it was only during mealtimes that I realised just how many people the ship can hold. The rest of the time I didn’t really notice my several thousand fellow sailors.

    My experience was in the not-so-sunny Northern European climate and I wonder how much the weather affects a hot-weather ship like Oasis. I’d love to know what you make of the ship and the dynamic onboard in the heat of the Caribbean sunshine. I am looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the review. Enjoy your holiday!

    1. I 100% agree with you in relation to Central Park, it was an absolute haven and one of my favourite places on the ship. I can’t say I had much experience with the buffet, I literally wandered in once, but in the heat of the Caribbean I never noticed my fellow thousands of passengers. The only time it was really clear how many of us were present was during muster, embarkation and disembarkation. There is definitely lots of Oasis material coming your way soon!

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