Dear Santa…

Warning: I know it’s November but Christmas is about to overtake this blog. So if you are The Grinch type it’s really best that you leave now.

Dear Santa, I can’t promise I have been good this year…In fact if you asked I’d be likely to say define good? But despite my not so perfect behavior I still have  a request. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a cruise. That is what all cruise addicts want, right? We want the gift of being able to answer the call of the sea.

Well, this year, since I can’t rely on Santa to gift it to me; my parents are giving me the gift of a cruise. Unfortunately, it is not an actual Christmas cruise because I have a job that does not allow me to be off at Christmas. But the gift of a cruise is still perfect to me. Especially, when it is with my favorite cruise line. My Christmas gift is a seven day Scandinavian cruise on Sapphire Princess.

Of course, I am excited to go home to Princess but since I have already sang their praises several times. This post is going to be all about what I’m excited for in every port of call.

Zeebrugge (Bruges), Belgium: In what is probably a terribly cliched notion, I’m just really excited to eat Belgian chocolate or Belgian waffles or Belgian waffles covered in Belgian chocolate. (No you’re the one drooling!) It will be my birthday on this port day though so indulgence is totally okay. On another note though Bruge does get called the Venice of the north and I am excited to explore this beautiful city. I am already head over heels with Venice lets see if I am also enamored by the northern version. I know lots of cruise bloggers have been to Bruge, so if anyone has any tips let me know.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen is a city I have always wanted to visit. Predominately because as a kid I loved the movie Hans Christian Anderson and because of this yes, I am likely to be that person who is singing loudly as she passes you in the city. But I am also excited to explore the brightly coloured harbor of Nyhavn and maybe squeeze in a visit to the Tivoli gardens.

Skagen, Denmark: Now I am not going to lie until we booked this cruise; I had never heard of this port. I have since looked it up and it appears Skagen is a seaside town; it won’t be beach weather when I’m there at the beginning of May but it will still be undeniably pretty. Grenen is the most popular excursion from this port. But I think personally, I’ll skip the nature reserve in favor of wandering around this charming town.

Oslo, Norway: Everyone I am cruising with is hopeful that just because we are going to Norway they will see the northern lights. I think that is unlikely but I am excited for other things about this port of call. As an absolute history nerd, I think the top of my list is Akershus fortress. The castle was built to protect and provide a royal residence for Oslo but it has since been a military base and a prison. Pretty sure guided tours are only available in the summer but we can still explore independently during spring.

This will be my first cold weather cruise and despite usually being a summer person – I am so excited for cosy jumpers, the best hot chocolate at sea and a whole new array of ports. If you have ever sailed on Sapphire Princess send me your top tips! I’m certainly excited to add another Princess ship to my list of ships I have sailed on.

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