Cruise Essentials: January Sales Haul

I don’t do boxing day sales as I feel badly for all the poor souls who have to work them. But once January marches on dreary and depressing; there are some great bargains to be had. Here are some cruise essentials that I have picked up during quite frankly the most depressing month of the year.

1. Cath Kidston Backpack: I have drooled over Cath Kidston backpacks for years but never ever been willing to buy myself one. However after my parents bought me a Cath Kidston x Disney backpack for Christmas I was hooked! And I picked up a bargain Cath Kidston backpack in the sales for £42 reduced to £20.

2 .Postcards: Not to send in the mail but to put in my cruise scrapbook. Yes, I scrapbook. Yes, I am 24 going on 94. I picked these up in Paperchase and it was pennies for each.

3. Sandals: Winter sales are always a great place to pick up summer bargains. Real leather sandals in July £26…The same pair of sandals in January £8! Seriously, sandals are a staple for me; I wear them religiously from May to September because I hate hot feet. But they are also a staple because I NEVER wear heels, so sandals are what I wear every night of a cruise.

4. Scrapbook: As mentioned earlier I keep a cruise scrapbook – But my current one is almost full! I’ve had my eye out for a new one and I picked up this one in Paperchase £14 reduced to £3.80

5. Adidas Nizza: I only started wearing trainers again last year, I was convinced from the age of about 13 that only Chav’s wore trainers. I realise now I was wrong, so wrong, I missed out on ten years on comfortable feet. These days I am all for the casual vibes, especially when walking miles sightseeing like I will be during my April cruise. I picked up this beautiful navy pair from the kids section; £35 reduced to £11.97, having small feet makes for bargains.

6. Fat Face tops: Anyone who knows me knows that when I travel I want to be in shorts constantly. Shorts are my happy place; shorts all day everyday! Which means I am always in need of t-shirts. Fat Face is another one of those brands I love that can be on the more expensive side but this weekend I picked up two tops for just £9.80 – The striped was £22 reduced to £5 and the green was £26 reduced to £4.80.

I did start January with the intention of doing no spend January but I’m afraid I’m an absolute sucker for a bargain. Did you pick anything up in January that was a steal?

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