Hotel Review: Artezen, New York City

Way way back in September (my apologies, for the blog abandonment guys I have been a busy bee) I had the pleasure of staying at the Artezen hotel in New York City. This beautiful boutique establishment, only opened in April 2019; as such it was new, shiny and absolute perfection!

First Impressions!

The wonderful staff of this hotel were our saviors on our arrival in New York! Thanks, to British Airways we turned up without our luggage…You can read all about that experience here. We must have looked quite the sight (and by that I mean like we’d been dragged through a hedge) after two flights and a few hours waiting in JFK to see if our luggage would turn up. But from the moment we arrived, the Artezen made a excellent first impression that soothed away our worries. We were greeted from the taxi, by the friendly doorman and stepped into the modern, quirky and sweet smelling lobby (seriously, the hotel smelt unreal at all times). The staff were a credit to the hotel and could not do enough for us! They were highly empathetic about our travel experience, welcomed us to their stunning establishment and checked us in straight away with a smile. Before, directing us to our room so that we could fulfill the hotel’s ethos of taking time to unwind and indulge.

The room!

Now, I am no first timer to New York (this was my fourth visit!). While I have never had a bad hotel room in NYC, they have all been clean and serviceable; they have never been shall we say swish? The Artezen however was the definition of swanky. The Artezen offers a seamless fusion of upscale elegance, authentic style and contemporary, tranquil design – That allows you to truly turn off the noise of the city. Eat breakfast from a local bakery among soft luxury bed linens, research your day in the city on the in room iPad, watch the weather forecast on the 49′ inch flat screen TV (Or you will end up with sunburn like I did) and indulge in sweet smelling toiletries. Before you step out into the chaos of the city for a day of adventure.

The staff!

I did briefly touch on this earlier, however I feel that it deserves a paragraph in its own right! If you are reading this blog then you probably know that I cruise like a lot. The level of service a cruise ship crew provides to you is literally out of this world and I have never seen it matched on land. Until now! The staff of this hotel were the consummate hosts; friendly, positive and accommodating. They were always on-hand to help with any queries and nothing was too much trouble. It really is the little things when it comes to guest service, every-time we came in the door we were greeted (including the night we walked in and out about twenty times because we needed to use the hotel WiFi to google where things where…The hotel has high speed WiFi throughout by the way and its free) and every-time we walked past reception we were greeted.  Just the little things to make you feel like you were completely at home.


The Artezen is located in the financial district, lower Manhattan – This makes it ideally located for a pre-cruise hotel, as you are able to easily catch the ferry to the cruise terminal, the ferry itself only costs a few dollars and helps you to avoid the costly toll that is involved in driving to the terminal. If you are not cruising (I know, I know, madness right?) then this hotel also gives great access to: the financial district, Brooklyn bridge, Little Italy and China Town. Which are all within walking distance. My ultimate recommendation close by is the One World Observatory (which is literally across the road) it provides the most breathtaking view of the city but I will tell you all about that in a later post.


Hopefully, it is clear from this absolutely glowing review that I would definitely recommend the Artezen. It’s location will not be for everyone; as first timers to New York may want to be closer to the heart of the action. However if you have been a few times, it provides a good base for exploring a different part of the city with an entirely different vibe. Plus, as I have already mentioned above it is a relaxing haven for a pre-cruise stay. A unique gem tucked away within the hustle and bustle of the city.


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