About the Author

Name: Victoria

Born: 28th April 1994

From: North Yorkshire, England 

Preferred mode of transport: Cruise Ship

 It is not uncommon to feel the itch of wanderlust. What makes me just a little out of the ordinary – Is that I have longed to travel for as long as I can remember. 

Maybe, just maybe, I can blame my parents. They were never great at sitting still either. I wasn’t even in double digits when I started searching for bargain trips abroad, hadn’t made it out of primary school when I mastered packing at high speed. Travel might just be in my blood! But whatever the reason, I view my passport as a basic human right and that little book has been a trusty companion.

This blog was started to share my adventures with others. I hope you get some enjoyment from reading my hilarious adventures they are always very eventful! As I seem to have a special talent for getting myself into bizarre situations…