It is not uncommon in your twenties to feel the itch of wanderlust. What makes me just a little out of the ordinary – Is that I have longed to travel for as long as I can remember. I dream of sunshine and skyscrapers, of music I’ve never listened to and languages I’ve never heard before.

Maybe, just maybe, I can blame my parents. They were never fabulous at sitting still either. I wasn’t even in double digits when I started searching for bargain trips abroad, hadn’t made it out of primary school when I mastered packing at high speed. Travel might just be in my blood! But whatever the reason, I view my passport as a basic human right and that little red book has been a trusty companion.

Since, I so love that little red companion we travel together a lot! and this blog was started to share my adventures with others. So that the people in my life could be spared from me constantly talking about my next cruise ship or my next flight. I hope people get some enjoyment from reading my hilarious adventures they are always very eventful.

The girl behind the blog!

Name: Victoria

Born: 28th April 1994

From: The North East of England

Preferred mode of transport: Cruise Ship

Top 3 destination recommendations: New York, Santorini & Venice

Inspiration to start a travel blog: I could talk about my travels for days on end! I have a camera roll full of pictures, a mind full to the brim with funny stories and a heart full of wanderlust. A travel blog allows me to share all of those things and it also allows me to share hints and tricks with those whose passports may not be as battered as mine.